Mississippi Palisades State Park
Only 6 miles North

Mississippi Palisades State Park Palisades is the word used to describe a line of lofty, steep cliffs usually seen along a river, and Mississippi Palisades State Park, just 7 miles North on Illinois Route 84 lives up to its name. Years of erosion has carved intriguing rock formations, including Indian Head and Twin Sisters, a pair of humanoid figures on the bluff tops. The U.S. Interior Department recognized the remarkable nature of this area and in 1973 it designated acreage here as a national landmark. Wooded ravines, whose brilliant hues splash the cliffs with color each autumn, dissect the unglaciated terrain. Ferns, cover the deep ravines, while in the park's northern region, leaves of the white birch ripple in the wind. Each spring and summer the valleys and slopes are covered with the blooms of trillium, bluebell, lobelia, shooting star and yellow ladies' slipper. Animal life, within the park and the river areas immediately adjoining it, is varied. Waterfowl and shorebirds are numerous, as are wild turkeys. Striking pileated woodpeckers make their home in the park, and depending on ice conditions, eagles feed at the river in January and February. 

Miller's Landing, on the west side of highway 84, has a boat launch and good access for canoeists interested in exploring the Mississippi backwaters. In nearby Savanna you'll find the Great River Bike trail (running to Fulton and the Quad Cities) and the gateway to the Savanna District of the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. Savanna is also a popular stop over for "Iron Horse" rallies. 

The Mississippi Palisades State Parkis a great place to visit, you should include it in your plans when you visit Carroll County Illinois.